Hey, I'm Tara!
I specialize in creating stunning works of art that capture the beauty that is you!
I am a boutique photographer from New Brunswick, Canada, and I specialize in bespoke empowerment photography and creative portraiture!
There is beauty in every body, and I am passionate about capturing that beauty and transforming it into stunning works of art that you can appreciate for years to come!
I gladly welcome you to take the first step out of your comfort zone. First off, let me state how proud I am of you for embracing a new and intimidating adventure. Let me tell you how long it took me to say, "I am beautiful." It took years to be at peace with my self-image. I have always struggled with my appearance. I have since realized how much I love what my body is capable of; the real beauty lies beneath any self-perceived flaw.
Becoming an empowerment photographer, I bottled up my self-love journey, and I want to share it with everyone. I understand the pain of not feeling comfortable in your own skin. But let me tell you how awesome it feels once you find self-acceptance and freedom. A newly found freedom and peace brings such refreshment to our everyday life. No matter your gender, your profession, or your size, the benefit of this process is growth and discovery. You are beautiful, you are unique, you are fearless. It is time to pamper yourself and reward yourself for being you. You deserve this.
Are you planning a wedding and interested in a Bridal Boudoir session as a unique gift for your spouse-to-be?
Do you have an amazingly creative idea for a Fantasy Photoshoot?
Are you tempted to get out of your comfort zone with a Empowerment Portrait Session?
Do you want to capture the magic of your unique Family?
Whatever you're looking for, I would love to hear from you so that we can work together to capture the beauty that is you!
What's the Process?
The first step in the process -
connect with me!

Send me a message by clicking the contact button!
Join me for a complimentary consultation to develop your individualized plan!
During our consultation, I will ask questions to get to know you better and to get a better understanding of your WHY for this session.
Here's the fun part! It's Session Time!

We create and capture the memories and magic that is YOU!
Step 4: CREATE
Now the moment you've been waiting for! 
During your ordering session, you will see your expertly chosen images, and then we work together to create your perfectly unique artwork. These heirloom quality products will be yours to treasure for many years to come!
Every photograph tells a story by capturing a moment in time.
Let me transform those memories into stunning 
Works of Art!
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